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Civil Rights Training 2020 (VDH-150)

Program institutions and facilities receiving federal financial assistance are required to comply with federal civil rights laws to ensure all Child Nutrition participants have equal access to all benefits and services. This course will review Civil Rights regulations, and provide all information necessary to ensure that your program is in compliance with these requirements.

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CACFP Annual Sponsor Training 2020 (VDH-110)

This course is designed for returning Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsor staff, will review the regulations and procedures of the CACFP, and assist sponsors with regulatory compliance.

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Maintaining a Non-Profit Food Service Program (VDH-132)

All CACFP sponsors must maintain a nonprofit food service program. This course includes two lessons that cover the evaluation of program revenue and expenses, financial recordkeeping and controls, and expectations with operating a nonprofit CACFP.

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Hearing Officer Training for Child Nutrition Training Programs (VDH-160)

The Hearing Officer training course responds to USDA’s recommendation to train all administrative review (Hearing) officers on appeal processes for the CACFP. For agencies not able to provide direct training, this course will assist with training hearing officers through testimony or documents submitted for review.

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CACFP Performance Standards (VDH-130)

CACFP regulations require that all new and participating CACFP institutions meet and maintain compliance with the three Performance Standards; Financial Management and Viability, Administrative Capability, and Program Accountability. This course is designed to guide CACFP institutions to better understand the importance of the Performance Standards, the reason that they were developed, and the criteria used to determine compliance.

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